As promised, I’m reblogging any posts you tell me were inspired by my thoughts on kindness. Judy’s blog is inspirational. She has had a difficult journey, including the loss of her first-born son, Jason, when he was just five years old. I hope none of the rest of you have experienced the loss of a child, but if you have, Judy is there. She expresses her journey beautifuly through her music…and here’s her post:


Writing from my heart has led me to so many wonderful connections. Two months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to share my story. I was “discovered” by Remedy Health Media because of my inspirational writing about dealing with my dry eye syndrome.

I shared the experience of being filmed on the first part of this story:


To see the video at Remedy Health Media’s site, click the link below:


I think the most beautiful part of this video was sharing the experience with my childhood friend, Joni Lautman. We’ve known each other since childhood. I am currently living in the coop where I grew up – my parents are gone and I chose to live in my childhood apartment, rather than sell it.

Joni lived in the same coop and we played together from the time we were toddlers. In fact, there is…

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2 Replies to “I WILL SHINE – PART 2”

  1. Thank you, Belinda, for sharing my blog and story. I feel such a connection with you. We might be fellow bloggers, but there is definitely a friendship within those perimeters. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday we met and chatted together over coffee? I can easily picture it and perhaps it might come true someday.

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