Random Thoughts and Quirky Coincidences

Today I started a new job, a part-time gig at Joann Fabrics. I think I’m going to like it (although I’m still searching for the career opportunity).

While filling out the paperwork, the assistant manager exclaimed, “we have the same birthday!” Day and month, as it turns out. She’s several years older than me. But that simple fact startled her, and she brought it up several times during our one-on-one orientation.

So I get home and turn on the TV. During commercials I typically zone out, but this phrase captured my attention: “January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day.” That’s my birthday! This was an ad for AARP and I have no idea what they were selling, but the coincidence struck me as quirky. My birthday pops up twice in the span of a few hours, three months after the big day?AdobeStock_122344525 [Converted]

The squirrel thing got me thinking about the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Rocky, of course, was a flying squirrel. What a lot of people don’t know is there really is such a critter. Real-life flying squirrels don’t fly like Superman as Rocky did. They leap from branch to branch and kind of float down. It’s a cool thing to see — we had them in our backyard at my last home in Minnesota.

That thought then led to memories of a favorite expression of a favorite college professor, Father Whalen: “All the squirrels aren’t in the trees.” I’ve quoted him on occasion and more often than not the others in the room don’t get it. But I’m sure you do.

Speaking of birthdays coinciding with days of honor, tomorrow (April 11th) is International Louie Louie Day. It’s also my nephew Louie’s birthday. And no, his parents were not aware of ILLD before their son was born (and named).

Just a few random thoughts about quirky coincidences. Any in your life?

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8 Replies to “Random Thoughts and Quirky Coincidences”

  1. My daughters birthday is a year before the London bombing 07/07/06 and my birthday is now associated with the Manchester bombing 22/05 it’s only my sons birthday that has nothing attached 19/04. Yet!

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