I just bought the most wonderful piece of housecleaning equipment — a vacuum designed to pick up pet hair. It still scares the cats (they look so bewildered when I dare to use it, as if I’d promised not to clean the carpets ever again after the last vacuum pooped out.) I’m embarrassed by how much cat hair I’ve pulled up already, but that’s not going to stop me. Next step is to shampoo the carpet, which will pick up even more.

You see an adorable kitten or a forlorn cat waiting to be rescued, and you think, “I must take this sweet baby home.” You know about the food, toys and litter. You’ve factored in vet visits. But it’s easy to forget in the passion of the moment of adoption just how much that cat hair is going to invade your life.

It’s all over my clothes and forget trying to get it out. If I wear something black, I’m bound to get a knowing look and this question, “how many cats do you have?”

Now hairless cats are an option, but I’ve learned a few things about them. They secrete an oil that’s just as difficult to eradicate as the hair. A co-worker owns six (and two “hairies”) and she’s brought one in to meet us. Actually, she brought Kate in for a brief stop before her (my co-worker Kelli’s) husband could take them home, but regardless, it gave me a chance to meet and hold one.

Their skin feels like a shammy cloth and they are super sweet. That’s apparently characteristic of the breed. Still, I like my cats to have a full body of fur. Those wrinkles in the skin freak me out.

But back to the vacuum cleaner. It’s like a new toy for me, which is good for the carpet. But not so good for the kitties!!

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2 Replies to “Vacuuuuuum”

  1. Teemu used to sleep right through me using the vacuum. Parker tolerates it. Piper hides from it. Cat hair on hardwood floors is crazy. I can walk and see little cat hair ‘tumbleweeds’ float by as I walk…nice, right? What kind of vacuum is it? Don’t scare Walter and Mimi!

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    1. I don’t deliberately scare them, of course, but they are terrified. I know what you mean about the tumbleweeds. They end up all over my stairs. The vacuum is a Hoover for Pet Hair. I guess cat hair is different than dog hair and this one is supposed to be good for cat hair — at a price I could afford.

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