On the Balance

Trying hard to adjust to the new digs.

It’s not just that it’s smaller. In fact, that isn’t such a big deal since I only used a portion of the space I had before. It’s not just that it’s dingier. That is a bigger deal. And I’m not enjoying the additional noise of an apartment complex.

Right now, though, I’m struggling mostly with how low or high my air conditioning should be set to maintain the optimum comfort while still keeping my electric bill low. I have no idea what temperature I should set it at. The recommended temp is 78 degrees, but that is proving to be simply too warm and somewhat oppressive. So I turned it one degree cooler, which is still pretty warm, but I’m not willing to go any lower. Not today, at least. Not until I see my electric bill and know the consequences.

That sort of adjustment is simply part of moving and learning how things work in the new home. As for the rest of it, I may never fully get comfortable with this new space–I was spoiled in the old one.

The cats, in particular Mimi, seem to be adapting to the change fairly well. Mimi has settled in somewhat permanently on the bedroom windowsill, which is comfortably wide and overlooks a large tree and a grassy area with plenty of squirrels and birds. I’ve pulled up the blinds and put some café curtains in to maintain my privacy. Walter hasn’t quite found his spot, although he does like to hide under my comforter, not knowing that the Walter-shaped lump gives him away.

I’m looking for good in the rest of my life to balance out the discomfort I feel here. I have a decent job with great benefits. My car is in good shape (knock wood). I have healthy, happy cats (again, knock wood). Most of all, I have the support of my family no matter what is happening in my life.

After all I’ve been through in the last ten years, overall I have to say I’m in a decent spot. Certainly far better than where I was six, seven or eight years ago. So I’m grateful. On the balance, things are good.

So I’m looking at the balance and remembering how good it is these days.

Image Credit: ©MclittleStock – stock.adobe.com

7 Replies to “On the Balance”

  1. I love your positivity, Belinda. But I’m also glad you’re able to express how you really feel and get those frustrations out.
    Somehow, I feel like this is temporary and it will get better. Hoping when you get your electricity bill, it will be low enough to give you the latitude for more cooling.
    Thanks for the update!

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    1. Thanks, Judy. I figure when it gets warmer and the AC is blowing continuously that I’ll turn the temp back up to 78. Right now it’s on and off so much, and when it’s off it gets really warm really quickly. Or really stuffy–maybe that’s the bigger problem now. 🙂

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  2. One degree makes a huge difference in the electric bill, so I get what you are saying. It has been especially hot and humid here since March so I am holding my breath for my electric bill this month. My a/c has been hovering at 77-78. I am so happy that MiMi has settled in. Pumpkin likes to wedge in between the blinds and the window so I keep mine up, also. Walter hiding…..cracks me up. Knock wood, the balance continues for you, Belinda.

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