What a Mess!

How do you get rid of clutter when in that mess are a multitude of possessions you value?

I’m faced with that right now. Moving from a townhome to an apartment and losing a considerable amount of square footage has resulted in a second bedroom chock full of stuff. So much of it is decorative items I truly love but don’t have a place for right now–and realistically, never will again.

I tell myself I need to be ruthless in cleaning out this room, but that’s easier said than done.

As it stands I don’t have a place for some things I definitely want to keep, like the broken-down boxes I used to ship my worldly goods from one home to another. Buying those boxes adds up and I want to keep them for my next move. I plan to store them under the dining room table, but I’ve got full boxes I need to sort through sitting there right now.

Your eyebrows may have raised at the mention of my dining room table and its current home in my spare bedroom. I need to sell it, but that’s impossible at this moment since it’s buried in the debris of my life. I had planned to post a for sale sign on the company bulletin board back when I was scheduled to move, but we were in the throes of uncertainty with the corona virus and that uncertainty included apprehension about job security. Nothing on the bulletin board was selling and besides, truth to tell, I love that table and was reluctant to sell it.

The cats are having a jolly good time in this spare room, with all its hiding places and jumping-off spots. That seems to be the one benefit in all of this.

I tell myself, it’s one box at a time, but that’s getting more and more difficult. Right now I have a couple of boxes of books I want to dig out and donate to the local used book store–they raise money for the library–but those boxes are buried under other boxes with a mix of materials, most of which I can’t decide what to do with.

Eventually, the local Goodwill will benefit. Until then, I sit in this room (the chair is clear) and stare.

Image credit: © Federica Fortunat–stock.adobe.com

6 Replies to “What a Mess!”

  1. Oh, Belinda – good luck with this. I feel you. I live in a tiny place and there’s just no more room in my closets for anything new. There’s so much I could discard, but without a deadline I don’t feel very motivated. You have a lot of pressure – I want to hug you and let you know you can do it!
    You’re staring as you gather your strength . . .

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  2. I am that ‘ruthless’ of which you speak. 🙂 To me, nothing feels better than donating items to our local charity. We have one that is dear to my heart so they get everything. Then I come back home and feel so lightened–like I can breathe again. Go on, Belinda–you can do it!

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  3. I’m not sure if I’m the right person to advise, but maybe devote one box/thing per week. That way, the only pressure you have on yourself is to get through one box for that week, even if it takes you all week.

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