Happy Creative Holidays

We’re all being forced to be a little more creative these days. As the pandemic rages on, most of us must find new ways to be close to friends and even family for the holidays. I urge you to follow the recommendations of the CDC as well as find new traditions that will remind us in years to come how we survived the frustrations of 2020.

Creative holidays in the past, for many of us at least, meant making our own Christmas decorations. Now it means finding ways to be close to each other without threatening the health and lives of those around us. For some businesses it means finding ways to stay afloat while restrictions limit the normal flow of things.

I recently wrote a short story about a family who replaces the mall Santa with a Santa ornament and urges their five-year-old daughter to whisper her Christmas wishes to the ornament. (Perhaps later I’ll share that story here; for now it’s being saved for my writing group.)

Happy Creative Holidays, everyone.

Image credit: ©Maridav – stock.adobe.com

One Reply to “Happy Creative Holidays”

  1. Ya gotta’ do what ya gotta do. I wonder what the mall Santa’s will do this year, though? I can remember seeing so many kids scared of Santa, but so many more waiting so anxiously to talk with him. As if parents of small children needed any more stress added to their lives…

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