Oh my. It’s Snowing…

Oh my. It’s snowing, and they’re predicting a total of more than six inches. In my home state of Minnesota, this would be nothing. In my adopted state it’s a problem. Given the limited number of plows in my county (and none in the city), it makes driving dangerous. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, but I’m out of days off. So I’ll be driving slowly, like a little old lady.

It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow so the snow will melt, at least enough to make driving okay by the time I leave work. At least, that’s what I’m counting on.

It is pretty though, so I might as well enjoy the beauty today, when I don’t have to drive.

I would prefer a white Christmas. Since Christmas lands on a Friday, we’d have a weekend for the roads to clear. Maybe we’ll get that, too.

Oh my. It’s snowing.

(oh my…when I posted this, I got a notification that this is post number 500. That’s a lot of writing, most of which I did a few years ago. Thanks to all my loyal followers and those of you who drop in from time to time as well. It means a lot to me.)

7 Replies to “Oh my. It’s Snowing…”

  1. It looks beautiful! Isn’t it funny that down here in the south, snow throws the cities into a panic? We’ve had days off from work due to snow. Any chance of that happening for you? Be careful on the roads, Belinda–watch out for the other guy!

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    1. Sometimes they shut down because of snow. In this case I doubt they will, although any schools that are still open (and I’m not sure there are any; COVID has shut most of them down) will close. They don’t want the bus drivers facing dangerous conditions. I can hope for a shut down but it’s more likely half of my colleagues will call in and the rest of us will be swamped with work and worried all day about driving home.


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