Merry Christmas to You and Happy Blogging Anniversary to Me!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Walter, Mimi and I all hope you’re having a blessed day.

Walter and Mimi, two tabby cats, say Merry Christmas as they relax next to their favorite ottoman.
Walter and Mimi say Merry Christmas!

Today is more than just the Christmas holiday for me. It marks seven years that I’ve been blogging. I’ve learned a lot about myself in these past seven years through this blog and the more than 500 posts I’ve written. While I used to be much more consistent about writing regularly–two or three times a week, generally–I’m still growing with the help of my pen and ink (okay, computer).

Many of you have been blogging buddies for years and I appreciate your friendship. Some of you are more recent followers and I’m grateful for you, as well–make new friends and keep the old, right? Blogging is a gift for all of us.

If you’re alone this Christmas day, take heart. So am I and so are millions of others. If you’re with family, I hope your time together is gracious and kind, as well as just plain fun. If this is the first Christmas you’re spending without a loved one, God bless you. I hope unexpected blessings fill your heart.

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, Merry Christmas!

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10 Replies to “Merry Christmas to You and Happy Blogging Anniversary to Me!”

  1. Happy Holidays, Belinda. Like you, I have eased back from posting every week. But I treasure all the wonderful friends I have made.
    Happy Blogging anniversary! I’m glad you can enjoy snuggling with Walter and Mimi! May this coming year be filled with many wonderful things.

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