Things are Looking Up for Walter

Walter looking up

Okay, he’s had nothing to complain about. But it’s Caturday, which means I’m home, and he and Mimi get my full attention–if they want it. Right now Mimi’s under the bed and Walter’s on the windowsill, so I have a moment to myself.

Image credits: Cesar Cat © Belinda O; Paws in Heart © Bigstock

8 Replies to “Things are Looking Up for Walter”

  1. Hello, cutie! It is thundering and raining here, so White Paws is under my bed, too. He was sitting watching the news with us when I could hear a low rumble. He looked up. Rumble got a little louder. He got up and slowly walked out of the room and under the bed. The rain is supposed to be like this all week. White Paws will not be getting breakfast in bed. I draw the line somewhere! I might need Mimi to talk him out. 😸

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    1. The friend who fed my cats while I was visiting my mom said Mimi was under the bed every time she went to feed them. No amount of food or coaxing would draw Mimi out. My friend asked if she should leave the food under the bed with her, but I said no way, I spoil them enough. I’m with you–no breakfast in bed! If they’re hungry, they know where the food is.

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