First Love

“I didn’t do it,” I protested. But she never stopped blaming me.

“I love you,” she whispered. I never stopped loving her.

I was game for her dreams, from sailing the world over to catching a falling star. We perused the same books, laughed at the same movies. We were perfect for each other.

Then it happened. We drifted apart. She had friends we didn’t share and interests I didn’t take part in.

She’d outgrown me, her parents said. Over the years she’d occasionally be in contact, but the final blow eventually came.

My imaginary friend, she called me.

Image Credit: little girl and dragon © Bigstock Photos; imaginary friend ©

5 Replies to “First Love”

    1. It seems that everyone who reads this sees something different! A lesson to me as a writer. I meant it to be a child and her childhood imaginary friend. I’m sorry it made you sad and I’m so sorry your friend abandoned you. I had the same thing happen to me and it still hurts.

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