a little ink on my hands

It’s National Letter Writing Day, and in honor of that I’m reblogging a post from my first year of being a blogger. Some of this may be out of date–I think schools have gone back to teaching cursive–but the heart of it remains the same.

My World With Words

There’s something so magical about a letter,

especially a handwritten one.

Back in the day, rather, the days before e-mail, texting, or messaging of any sort, I used to send a lot of letters, and get a lot of letters in return. If I’d known how rare they’d become I’d have kept more of them. The ones I have are a chance assortment of cards I liked, notes that got “filed” in an odd place, only to show up years later, or a few, very few, that really meant something to me.

laurie dave Dave & Laurie’s daughter is a sophomore in college now

Friends used to send pictures, too, of their weddings, babies, families as they grew. Some still do. My friend Melanie sends wonderful cards every year of her, her husband Tim and their children, Alec & Amelie. This despite the fact she posts regularly on Facebook. I’ve kept them…

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6 Replies to “a little ink on my hands”

  1. Florida is one of a handful of states that is required to teach cursive. I still consider it a lost art when so many documents have you click a button that you accept whatever it is you are signing, and your name magically appears all neatly typewritten.
    I miss letters, too. In high school we used to love looking at all the different stationery so we could write each other over the summer. Such great times…

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    1. I’d heard many states were bringing back cursive, but I wasn’t sure how many or which ones. I agree, it’s a lost art. Computerized signatures can’t possibly replace real ones. I don’t understand the legalities but there must be times when only a real signature will suffice!

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  2. I’m like you, Belinda. I have saved beautiful hand written letters throughout my life. They are treasures and I am grateful for every one of them. I continue to send handwritten notes. However I don’t use cursive. I’ve always preferred to print!

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