Overriding Feeling of Gratitude

I’m committing to making a conscious effort to be grateful for what I have. It’s not that I haven’t been grateful in the past, but I have taken a lot for granted. What a luxury! With a bit of irony, I find myself being thankful that I have been able to take so much for granted.

It’s not that I want to live a life of paranoia that I may lose what I treasure, but rather, I want to lift my eyes skyward and say, “thank you, God, for continued good health. I know that as I age, things will go wrong, but remind me about what I still have, and remind me to be grateful for your continued care, no matter what happens.”

Not just my health is involved here, of course, although the older I get the more aware I become of what can go wrong. And I don’t want to imply that I won’t grieve losses or feel fear or frustration in the future (sorry for the alliteration). But the overriding feeling should be gratitude.

I am grateful for my friends, past and present, online and in person. I thank God for my parents and my brother and sister and all the work they do on my behalf when the situation calls for it.

Heart lately 2

Why gratitude now, you ask? I’ve come very close to losing a few things I value, and I’m grateful to have had them, whether or not they stay in my life. I’ve had gratitude journals in the past and they didn’t really work for me, but I do want to daily be grateful for the good things in my life.

So I’m holding on to gratitude. I think it makes the heart beat stronger, literally and figuratively.

Image Credits: Skyward © prosign–stock.adobe.com; Heart © Belinda O

11 Replies to “Overriding Feeling of Gratitude”

  1. Such a beautiful post, Belinda. They say gratitude is the key to happiness. I think you’ve nailed it here.
    Even with all the struggles I’ve gone through, I really feel like I am blessed!

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  2. So often people pray for what they want, not what they already have. I try and be grateful each day for both the ordinary and extraordinary already in my life, leaving nothing for granted. Each day it seems I hear of at least one person’s story where they are less fortunate than I. I pray for them, and I also give thanks for who and what I have in my life. Great post, Belinda!

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    1. Thank you! I was reminded just today that my somewhat hum-drum life would probably appeal greatly to some friends of mine who are struggling. It could be me next, I know, so I’m grateful for the mundane, the magnificent and even the painful if it reminds me how lucky I am.

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      1. After I left my comment here, I found a couple of sections from a devotional book I have. One made it a point to “thank God for all favors big and small.” The other referenced “be grateful to God in all circumstances.” I thought I would pass those sentiments along as well!

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