Homemade Bread Day

It’s National Homemade Bread Day, and I would love to celebrate this one the right way–with a freshly baked load of bread and a glass of white grape juice (my drink of choice this days). However, I need to be able to fit into the jeans I’m wearing right now for a little while longer. I could probably eat a whole loaf, well, maybe half a loaf, in the course of one day. That’s not healthy.

But what could be better than a moderate portion of homemade bread? Whether it’s white bread, banana nut bread, zucchini bread or any other kind you crave, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. Okay, eating it is a simple pleasure. Making it, especially yeast breads, takes a little practice and know-how. Unless you cheat and use a bread maker.

All this in anticipation of Thanksgiving, where my homemade Parkerhouse rolls were famous in my family. I made them every year. One year I was late because I forgot to turn the oven on, and my grandma was furious. I’d messed up the timing for everything for her. But my uncles, cousins, mom and stepdad just laughed it off and ate heartily.

So celebrate today’s holiday if you can. Yum.

6 Replies to “Homemade Bread Day”

  1. Homemade bread is the best. You mentioned banana nut bread also…that is a tradition in our house for the holidays. My grandmother was meticulous on her timing everything just right for Thanksgiving Dinner. It never worked out exactly as planned, and while my grandfather was trying to just get her to sit down and eat what was done, we’d just smile and be so grateful we were all together again to see their annual “performance!”

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