Take Comfort

I have my comfort TV shows. In this day and age, with the multitude of programs available to us 24 hours a day, I don’t think I’m alone. For me, it’s the classics. The Dick Van Dyke Show, for example, or the Mary Tyler Moore Show. More recent shows would be Frasier or The West Wing. I can, and do, watch them over and over again. I won’t say I never get tired of them–I definitely do at times, but when that happens, I just switch to one of the others.

SnoopyWe all have our ways of unwinding after a tough day, and that’s one of mine. Another is reading my Peanuts books. Chock-full of hundreds of comics, I find these can calm me and raise my spirits at the same time. As any Peanuts fan knows, they have a quiet humor about them (although some I still find laugh out loud funny). I look for that when I’m anxious or down.

I tend to eat when I’m stressed, so to avoid that I find other ways to occupy myself. Knitting has proven helpful, although I don’t really like to knit when I’m bothered by something. I find I make more mistakes, and that just compounds the frustration of an aggravating situation.

Today was one of those days, and right now I’m seeking comfort in my writing. That’s another way I de-stress. I particularly like blog writing at these times. It’s satisfying finding pictures to go with my post (such as they may be) and completing the writing in a relatively short time, as opposed to, say, working on my novel. Don’t ask how that’s going. It’s not.

I hope you have familiar items or situations you can take comfort in. If you do, let me know. Might give me some ideas when the tried-and-true doesn’t work.

Image Credit: Television set © irina levitskaya–stock.adobe.com

6 Replies to “Take Comfort”

  1. I either clean house or go outside and work in my yard. Both are done rather aggressively, so I don’t know that I would recommend what I do, but it works for me.
    Frasier…I’ll be you and I could quote entire episodes! 😆

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    1. Probably! As for cleaning house, I’ll do a little of that, but I usually lose heart if it’s been a bad day. I don’t have a yard, for which I’m grateful, because I know I’d never be able to keep up with it! No matter how I felt!

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  2. Belinda, if Peanuts doesn’t get it done nothing can! We’re much alike in that regard as I look at the Peanuts day-to-day calendar on my desk. As far as TV is concerned, I’ve been hooked on Buffy and X-Files reruns lately. I figure if they are still on I can’t be THAT old lol!

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    1. We’re definitely thinking alike, even if we’re watching different programs! And, I have a Peanuts wall calendar and a day-to-day calendar in my home office. Sometimes, that second calendar is the best part of my day 😊.

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