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This Side of the Window

Mimi has always looked with longing out her windows, but as she’s gotten older, the great outdoors is more of a passing entertainment and less of a temptation. Every once in awhile, however, the yearning has power. Windows


Sum Greater than the Parts

When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Explaining synergy gets a little convulated, but basically, it amounts to this: you take two parts and together, they create something that’s worth more than the combined value of the two parts. Two plus two equals five. I learned of a practical example of this the other day. A co-worker was telling me … Read More Sum Greater than the Parts

The Long Drive Home

At the end of the road is comfort. Wanderlust

Too Cool for School

  It’s hard to find something that comes pre-printed with the name “Belinda.” But when I was 14, a t-shirt shop in Eastridge Mall would add your name to just about anything it sold — and that was quite a selection. This shirt had five little chickies on it, tumbling, standing, waving (but not waving the finger, that was a different t-shirt). I loved … Read More Too Cool for School

Signs of Spring

So many of you are such wonderful photographers, I feel a little foolish posting these pictures, but I was challenged by a fellow blogger, Laura, from her blog, The View From My Window, to “bring out the beauty of what nature means to me” through my photography. She caught me at a weak moment, and I’m giving in to the challenge. Sort of. I’m … Read More Signs of Spring

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