Too Cool for School

It’s hard to find something that comes pre-printed with the name “Belinda.” But when I was 14, a t-shirt shop in Eastridge Mall would add your name to just about anything it sold — and that was quite a selection.

me-june-1974This shirt had five little chickies on it, tumbling, standing, waving (but not waving the finger, that was a different t-shirt). I loved it. The hat, I believe, belonged to my brother, and on the night after my junior high graduation, either he or my sister snapped this uncharacteristic shot of me.

Look at those shorts. Good grief. I believe the poster in the background had the poem “Desiderata” printed on it — or something similar. I’m not certain, but it’s quite likely “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” was airing on the TV as the picture was taken.

But the best part of this picture? The shag carpeting, in various shades of orange and red. I remember raking that carpet.


12 Replies to “Too Cool for School”

  1. Aw, such nostalgia with your post. I used to watch the MTM show. 🙂
    My parents had ugly carpet in their coop and when I moved into it (after my divorce), I pulled it off and discovered beautiful hardwood floors. I can’t believe that they covered it up for fifty years!
    There were many colors through the years and orange brought back memories. It is funny to think how the current trend seems trendy at the time. By the way, you look cute in that picture. 🙂

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  2. Looks like you were ready to hit the fashion runway…a runway made of shag carpet of course. “You’re gonna make it after all.” The MTM show brings back memories also. Way too cool for school!

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