Signs of Spring

So many of you are such wonderful photographers, I feel a little foolish posting these pictures, but I was challenged by a fellow blogger, Laura, from her blog, The View From My Window, to “bring out the beauty of what nature means to me” through my photography. She caught me at a weak moment, and I’m giving in to the challenge.

Sort of. I’m cheating here, and pulling out some favorite photos from a year or two ago, taken at the bed & breakfast I work at here in Bella Vista, Arkansas. It’s a wildlife preserve in addition to being a great place for a little getaway, and we have birds, oh my, we have birds…

Bill, one of the Inn owners, fills the bird feeders with various forms of gourmet bird meals (I’m sure they’re gourmet, Bill serves nothing but the best) just about everyday. Of course that means there are a number of plump squirrels waddling about, plotting their next move. Despite their girth, those squirrels remain very adept at climbing, leaping, swinging and other acrobatic feats necessary to get The Food.

goldfinch 1I sometimes wonder what my cats would think of this wonderland of flight right outside the kitchen window. I’ll never know, since cats are discouraged from the area around the bird feeders. They should be, for their own safety as well as the birds, because coyotes also frequent the neighborhood. Or so I’m told — I’ve never seen one, but I believe I’ve heard a few. (And after all, who brings their cats to work?)

Any of the rest of you interested in taking part in this challenge, check out Laura’s site. My approach admittedly is a little on the, how shall we say, quieter, side, but you avid photographers may want to make a more full-throttled job of it!

(Laura is only one of my blogging buddies whose photography I enjoy, in fact, she’s only one of my blogging buddies named Laura whose photography I look forward to seeing! Thank you all for your work and for bringing your visions to us. I’m so often inspired by your photos.)

9 Replies to “Signs of Spring”

    1. Thank you! I have to laugh because I took these while I was at work — when the birds would start to show up I’d “take a break” and snap photos! (Of course I didn’t get paid for that time!) But I do love these pictures.


  1. These images are truly enjoyable. I love the fact that there are different birds. The colors are rich and beautiful. While you may not think that much of them, I think they are awesome. The cardinal is beautiful! No one can do colors like God, although Crayola is good at it. I enjoyed you rising to the challenge! Keep at it.

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