Peace, I Pray, For All

Yesterday I posted about my aunt’s death. I mentioned her daughter and granddaughter, who both preceded her in death. I want to remember them now with this picture taken a year before Zoë died in a car accident.

Sadly, Jenna was driving, although as far as I know, she was never faulted in the accident. Her best friend, Angel, also died in that crash. Angel was 25, and Zoë was four. Angel’s daughter, age five, survived and was raised by Angel’s father, who was only 41 when his only daughter died.

Jen died of an overdose four years ago. She was struggling with sobriety when she lost her daughter, and was never able to overcome her addiction.

It doesn’t take much to read the pain in this situation, and some of you have known your own tragic losses and have a blessed compassion. To all who suffer, I wish you peace here on earth.

I believe in an eternal and loving God, and a life everlasting in His presence. I pray they are living in that love now.

Jen and Zo, December 24, 2000

Jennifer Content Moulton

October 12, 1977 – July 8, 2012

Rest in peace, Jenna, may you have found joy at last. I was always, always proud to call you my cousin.

Zoë Patricia Kloster

October 23, 1997 – December 2, 2001

Rest in peace, Zoë, the world was made brighter for the brief time we had you with us.

4 Replies to “Peace, I Pray, For All”

  1. Thank you for shedding more light about the tragic stories here – so much sorrow! The picture is beautiful. I feel so sad for lives unfulfilled – yet you are right. They are at peace now. So much love emanates from the photo. It was such a brief moment in time, but clearly shines.

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    1. Jen struggled with being a mom, and had just really begun to enjoy it when Zoe died. That picture is one of my favorites of her because of exactly what you described: the love she felt. It was a complex situation, so much was wrong. However, she had two more girls who are doing well now. That’s the good news in all of this.

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    1. Thank you! I have a great picture of me with the two girls taken after the funeral. They are wonderful girls!! I would treasure any other pics of Jenna. I take it you were friends with her???


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