Oh, the promises I make myself.

finish-meNearly twenty years ago, I bought some beautiful wool fabric, fully intending to make a jacket out of it. Three years ago I bought a pattern, and since then I have slowly progressed to the finish…I swore I’d finish it last year, then gave up when the weather got too warm in the spring. This fall, I told myself. Absolutely this fall.

Of course each time I pick it up, I have to re-read the instructions to figure out what comes next. Then I get discouraged, and give up.

But I will finish it by Thanksgiving. I will wear it on Turkey Day.

bookAnd this book…I bought it about fifteen years ago…I pick it up periodically but never get very far. In fairness, I haven’t been reading like I used to, and I did read another two books I’ve had sitting on my shelf since the late 90s.

Then there’s the well-worn promise to lose weight. I only have about six pounds to lose, but I have a body type that shows every ounce, so it seems like more. (When I lost 40 pounds many years ago, more than one person swore I must have lost closer to 100. Like I wouldn’t have been bragging about that!) I don’t feel a need to lose it in a hurry, more a need to feel in control of my weight. I have a vision of myself grossly overweight, and it frightens me. Apparently not enough to put down those Pepperidge Farm salted caramel cookies, however. Yummy…too yummy.

So I avoid making promises to others. If I can’t honor what I’ve promised myself, how can I be expected to honor what I promise others?

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23 Comments on “There’s Always Tomorrow

  1. Perhaps, as you say, it is better not to make promises to yourself if you can’t keep them. I seem to promise myself most mornings that I will start my diet today. It is an empty promise. I keep breaking it.

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    • Yes, that promise is in writing and made to the world at large, so we’ll see how well I do! I just thought of something…I may need to lose those pounds for it to fit!!

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  2. I can hear your “inner critic” speaking. It seems to be human nature that we are very tough on ourselves.
    I am certain you keep promises to others and are kind – you do the best you can. That even applies to taking care of ourselves – we do the best we can.
    With stress and circumstances, I know my weight was very affected. I think your achievement of losing 40 pounds and maintaining it is huge. Six pounds up – still represents success to me.
    Focusing on the things you haven’t finished or followed through sounds harsh, but I understand it. Don’t listen to your inner critic because you’ll only feel lousy. I happen to know you have many, many wonderful achievements! Keep celebrating those and I’ll be you’ll feel more motivated to finish old projects.

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    • That six pounds represents a loss of control to me. The weight itself doesn’t thrill me but isn’t a big deal. I just want to feel in control…and I do feel best at my ideal weight!

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      • I understand. I wish I had gained control when I was 6 pounds over. As much as I felt lousy – I gave up and kept going higher. It’s good you have a stop button. I’m amazed how I am losing weight now – once I made up my mind. That determination (after feeling so miserable) is why I’m able to do it. You will, too!

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        • I’m so excited you’re losing the weight and doing well on the plan you’ve chosen!!! I lost a couple of pounds and have been going up and down ever since. If I could just lose one more…than another after that…it shouldn’t take long!!!!

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  3. That does look like a beautiful fabric, love that deep red!, and the jacket looks almost finished. Not much to do! (?) 🙂
    I’ve a couple of skirts almost finished. I stopped sewing them when I got fatter :/

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    • Marie, I have every intention of wearing it that day! I have the sweater to go under it and I still need the pants, but in my circle, I could wear jeans, so no excuses!

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