Walter has found a new place to hide, and I don’t dare let on I’ve figured it out.

Where's Walter?

Where’s Walter? And why is my blanket cat-shaped?

It takes some effort for him to pull that blanket off the back of the chair — and every time I try to video tape it, he stops and walks away. So I guess I’ll humor my baby and let him think he is oh-so-sneaky.



6 Comments on “The Hiding Place

    • She has no interest in it. Mimi is more pragmatic. There are plenty of places to “hide” that don’t require all that work, so why bother? Plus, I think she’s smarter — she knows I could still see her there!!!

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  1. How cute! I’d be worried that I might accidentally step on him. But you know he’s there, so I’m sure he’s safe and snugly. 🙂

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  2. Sounds like Walter wants to believe (whether he knows otherwise or not) you don’t know where he’s hiding. I loved the comment about Mimi being more pragmatic…and smarter.

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    • Walter cracks me up. When he pulls the blanket down, I pretend like I have no idea where he is…just like you do when playing peekaboo with a baby.

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