The Hiding Place

Walter has found a new place to hide, and I don’t dare let on I’ve figured it out.

Where's Walter?
Where’s Walter? And why is my blanket cat-shaped?

It takes some effort for him to pull that blanket off the back of the chair — and every time I try to video tape it, he stops and walks away. So I guess I’ll humor my baby and let him think he is oh-so-sneaky.


6 Replies to “The Hiding Place”

    1. She has no interest in it. Mimi is more pragmatic. There are plenty of places to “hide” that don’t require all that work, so why bother? Plus, I think she’s smarter — she knows I could still see her there!!!

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  1. Sounds like Walter wants to believe (whether he knows otherwise or not) you don’t know where he’s hiding. I loved the comment about Mimi being more pragmatic…and smarter.

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