It’s Always Something

I’m getting  a little tired of these petty injuries.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll take them anytime over a critical injury or chronic illness. But just as I finished physical therapy for my shoulder, my thumb gets tendonitis. The thumb heals, and I burn my arm. The bandages come off my arm, and I pull my achilles tendon.

Each minor injury has its own impact, some limitation on my life that forces me to reconsider my priorities. With my thumb, knitting, reading and even typing (excuse me, keyboarding) was difficult. There go my top three activities.

I just paid for a gym membership (granted, it’s one of those inexpensive gyms) in an effort to commit myself to the treadmill. Now, simply walking to my mailbox is painful.

As I understand it, this is something that can take time to heal. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as it could be, and I have no problem spending my evening on the sofa with my leg elevated and an ice pack. Not exciting, but therapeutic.

Lyin on my back
Keep my foot elevated higher than my heart.

The cats are loving it. They climb all over me and find creative ways to snuggle close. I’m stuck there anyhow (healing), so they are welcome to keep me company. Lying down in this way keeps me (once again) from knitting, and reading isn’t easy, either.

Perhaps now is the time to take up meditation. And I am spending some time researching tendon care.

But here’s the thing —

what has possibly been the worst time in my life is coming to end. The devastating actions of others have run their course.

It’s always something, but some things are so fleeting, by the time I finish grumbling about them, they’re done. I’ll take those things anytime.

Time for the icepack…

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6 Replies to “It’s Always Something”

  1. Wow, I completely relate to what you wrote. I feel just like this! I thought I solved my painful dry eye condition and now I have issues with my feet!
    I think my body is so much less forgiving, now that I’m older. I am trying not to view it as a “separate entity,” But more as my friend that I need to take better care of.
    I am really trying to figure out a treatment plan that includes dietary changes and herbal supplements. So far, I see some improvement. But it’s hard work!
    I remember when I didn’t have to think about these things, as I know you understand.
    In the meantime, Belinda, I look at your list and it’s a lot! I’m really sorry because it interferes with the very things that give you pleasure. I sure hope you feel better soon. I’m glad you could write and express your frustration. That’s a good outlet! I feel you!

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