Winter Can Stick Around As Long As It Wants

Well, spring looked like it was on the way earlier this week — but today we reverted back to winter.

This isn’t as difficult for me as it is for some of my neighbors. They’re ready for summer by now. Or so they say. Last year we got no spring. Not one day of it. We went straight from coat weather to 80 — then 90 — degrees. So they complained about that.

As for me, I lived in Minnesota long enough to believe March is still a part of winter. Spring comes along in April. Plus, I rather like winter, certainly more than summer. Now I can do without the sub-arctic cold experienced by much of our country earlier this year, and I don’t like driving in the snow, but overall I like the coziness of the cold.

My heating bill is generally lower than that for air conditioning (both electric, the only option in the rocky terrain I live in). And I love having a bowl of chowder simmering on the stove or a pan of rolls baking in the oven. Yes, I can do those things in July, but it just doesn’t have the same effect.

So winter can stick around a little longer.

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7 Replies to “Winter Can Stick Around As Long As It Wants”

  1. I have gas heat and those bills are just nuts. We wear sweaters a lot in the house during our ‘winter’ which only lasts around 3 months. I like the coziness of winter, also, but the humidity is getting up there so, ready or not, summer is hitting my area very, very soon.

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  2. Belinda, I am in Los Angeles, so I can’t speak to what you go through with the cold winters. But I am also enjoying the coziness and am happy for any delays before hot weather comes. I love the photo of the tree, by the way!

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