Hair’s to You

The latest run on household supplies? Apparently it’s hair color, and as someone who covers up my gray roots on a regular basis, I get it. I haven’t yet bought any hair color–dying my own hair scares me after a few failed attempts several years ago–but I can see it getting to that point.

Okay, I did get on Amazon to buy some root cover-up after I couldn’t find any in local stores or Amazon carries it, but is temporarily out of my color (medium brown). So I placed my order and just have to hope it comes in before my current supply runs out. It’s the temporary powder, nothing fancy, so I can see why it’s so popular. You just brush it on and voilà! You’re ready to go.

Hearing about the run on hair color makes me think once again about my stylist. She’s an all-American success story, having started out at her Aveda salon as a receptionist and moving up until she and her husband bought the salon. They’ve maintained its success, and I have no doubt there are dozens of women and men anxious for her doors to open up again. But what’s happening in the meantime?

I realize the economic security bill that was recently passed includes help for small business owners, but I have no idea if it’s enough. Our governor is as cautious as any and won’t allow hair salons to open up again until it’s safe (however you determine that fact). In the meantime, we’re all getting shaggier and grayer.

So hair’s to your health, the health of the economy and the health of the American spirit. There’s a lot of confusion, a lot of unknowns, a lot of fear. Hang in there.

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8 Replies to “Hair’s to You”

  1. My shaggy hair has been driving me crazy – I ordered some hairpins on Amazon and am fumbling with them. I guess at some point, I might try cutting my own hair. I do feel fortunate, Belinda, that a good friend/stylist showed me the way to color my roots at home. I have supplies that will be good for awhile
    I’m grateful to be well and there are so many things I won’t take for granted again. Even a trip to the dentist!

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    1. I’m with on not taking anything for granted! As for the dentist, I need a cleaning so badly. All the everyday things that have been suspended! I’ll be glad when things get back to normal–but I know that will likely be some time yet.

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      1. Unfortunately my old brilliant dentist retired and now I have a terrible one who just can’t be bothered. I take good care of my teeth (had my first filling at 34) and this one cannot even do the usual quick clean/polish. I will change her for another.

        Maybe this is something for you Belinda? I bought some dental prophy paste and it has helped a little, though I’m nervous about wrecking the protective enamel. xo

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  2. Ha! I only use the temporary drugstore brands after a debacle with my once hair stylist, turned friend. I guess she couldn’t admit that her incompetence is what made my hair fall out.

    I digress. Your stylist’s story is a really inspiring one!

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    1. Debacle indeed! That would scare me off stylists, too. I used to use the REALLY temporary hair color, but Clairol doesn’t make it anymore. It only lasted 6-12 washes but the color was really good!

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