Ollie & Lena–A Love Story

Any cat lover (and I know several of you follow my blog) will appreciate the story of Ollie and Lena. Thanks to Amy for sharing. Click on “view original post” to see the video.

Insights From The Edge

The premier of LotusLand TV, a Punt On Point Media production. LotusLand TV is a channel dedicated to raising awareness about the rescue and fostering of cats. Saving a life, changes your own. The love you give to a cat, he returns 7-fold.

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10 Replies to “Ollie & Lena–A Love Story”

  1. Thank you, Belinda! What a little gift today to find your reblog on my feed. It’s always a gift to meet more cat people. We must stick together. (p.s. attempted to “like” but WordPress is blocking it. May have something to do with me using a VPN…Websites don’t like privacy…maybe…I’m not technically savvy enough to know.) Another video in production to raise awareness about fostering, and how it saves kitty lives, and changes our own! So great to connect to you again.

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