These Days…thank goodness for all of you

I’m not good in heat. Some people thrive in it, but I prefer cold weather. Sweater weather. Weather that allows me to show off some of my hand knit scarves, gloves and hats.

Now, snow doesn’t thrill me, at least not while I’m living in the South. If it snows in my neighborhood, roads might be closed down for days and the parking lot in my apartment complex certainly won’t be plowed. So I’d better be well-stocked, especially with cat food. I can figure out a meal for myself with a little flour and water (well, not literally, but I usually have enough staples to make do) but not for the cats.

Anyway, it’s July now, just the start of summer weather. We’ll have this heat until late September, maybe even October. So I need to deal.

I set my thermostat at 78 degrees, just like the experts recommend, and it’s way too warm most of the time. So when I’m home on the weekends I turn it down, knowing full well what that will do to my electric bill. Fortunately the cats tolerate warmer weather well, besides, it cools off decently in the bedroom, so when I’m at work 78 degrees works fine.

And I’m mostly home on the weekends these days, given the restrictions COVID-19 places on us. At least, those of us who choose to follow them, and I choose to follow them. Some of my friends have gotten pretty lax about it, and that concerns me. However, I can’t dictate their choices. 

(I’m typing this sitting on my sofa, and my sweet kitty Walter is giving me the most plaintive look because I won’t allow him to sit on the laptop. He’s doing everything he can to get in my way, such as leaning on my arm, reaching out across the keyboard, and softly meowing. At least I can blame any typos on him.)

This is a tough time for all of us. Even though I don’t relish hot weather, I still feel like I should be getting out more while the sun is shining. However, where can I go? The pool is out, as is the lake, because so many people are hanging out there and I’m not going to put myself and my co-workers at risk. I do take short walks, but I get so darn hot and don’t really enjoy them.

Connecting with all of you is a bright spot in my day. Thank goodness for blogging and bloggers. The writing, as mundane as mine might get, is a release, and reading what all of you have written is a connection with others. So thank you.

8 Replies to “These Days…thank goodness for all of you”

  1. I don’t see your writing as mundane at all, Belinda. We are living through a very challenging time. I could relate to every word. I haven’t felt like posting to my blog and appreciate hearing from you. It truly can feel like total isolation, even though I know I’m not alone going through this.
    I’m fortunate that in my apartment complex, few people use the pool. For awhile there was a sign up sheet. But with things opening up, they are requiring that. But I am always alone when I go in the late afternoon and swimming is like therapy for me.
    I am concerned about the weight I’ve gained. Food is a focus with stress and boredom contributing, too.
    We’ll get through it. Like you said, connecting is definitely a bright spot. I am grateful for my blogging friends and all the support I’ve gotten through the years.
    Thanks for writing – it was great to hear from you!

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  2. Belinda–I feel the exact same way! Even early morning it is so hot outside for a walk–to say nothing of the sun, and I don’t do sun very well. Being inside reading and writing with my blog buddies saves my sanity. Thank YOU, too!

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  3. I can’t tolerate too much heat either Belinda and we’ve had a couple of intensely hot, humid days in Norfolk, England. It doesn’t help that my bedroom where my computer is is poorly insulated and with a thin flat roof. O I’d love to go swimming! They’re opening the public pools later this month but I’m wary whether they’ll be crowded… I enjoy reading your posts and hearing about your cats and reading your classic film blog since I’m a fan of Old Hollywood. All the best 😀 💚 🐱 my friend, I hope you manage to keep cool. Xo

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