LotusLand TV: Cats Helping Cats Save Lives

Update on Ollie and Lena! Click on “View Original Post” to see the video. You’ll be glad you did!

Insights From The Edge

Lena, Ollie, Greta and Charlie, all former fosters have gotten together and created a YouTube Channel to tell their awesome stories and help other babies find their forever homes too.

Lena here, I’m running the show!!!! Hahaha! (Mom left her computer because Greta was being bad.) Watch our new video. I helped edit and write, though I gave all the credit to Charlie. He needed to feel important. Hope you all like it! Just watching it helps, but if you want to share it, maybe more people will love cats and then more cats can be saved! Oh, mom’s back. I have to post this right now before she erases it.

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8 Replies to “LotusLand TV: Cats Helping Cats Save Lives”

      1. Thank you both! I appreciate you reflagging Belinda! Just trying to spread the good word about cat love and maybe more folks will foster or adopt. We’ve such an epidemic of euthanizing cats and kittens in this country because we just don’t have the space for them and people don’t like them as much as doggies.

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        1. Anything I can do to help, Amy. I’m a cat lover and it breaks my heart to know how many kitties are euthanized instead of being placed in loving homes. Thanks for all your hard work with the videos.


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