Lucky Me

Like the rest of you, I’ve had my share of both good and bad luck.

I have the worst luck with socks. No matter how many I buy, I never have enough–they just disappear. I got a pack of six last week and the first time I wore a pair, I noticed a hole. Of course I’d thrown out the receipt so I can’t return them. I just have to hope this is a fluke and the remaining socks will hold up well.

Various colorful socks on clothesline. Striped, checkered, polka

Heart lately 2My love life has been decisively unlucky. Okay, I bear some responsibility here, but looking at it from the great vantage point of age, some of it is also a matter of luck. Frankly, at this point I’ve given up and I’m planning for the future with the expectation I’ll be single for the rest of my life. Thirty years ago I would have been depressed beyond measure, but I’ve outgrown that thinking.

20181227_000110Despite my bad luck with socks and love, I consider myself lucky in most ways. Those of you who’ve followed my blog know how crazy I am about my cats, Walter and Mimi. They chanced into my life (read “Here’s Your Baby” for that story) and are two of the sweetest cats I’ve owned. As companions I couldn’t ask for more.

I have a job. I have a home. I have a reliable car that’s paid for. Given the current economic situation, I consider all that tremendous luck. My parents are both living and they love me, as does my brother (I won’t speak for my sister out of respect for her feelings and actions). I have intelligent, thoughtful friends–and I count several of you in that group.

AdobeStock_246607769 [Converted]

Some people don’t believe in luck, rather, they see everything as part of God’s grand plan, and maybe they’re right. I have a strong faith and I consider that a gift from God, so call that good luck. I think personal responsibility is a big part of our fate. But I can’t help but believe some of it just comes down to the luck of the draw.

We have to accept the good and bad in our lives, and know that both will come and go. I know I’m not the first one to say this, but what you believe in will save you. Believe in being grateful. Believe in sharing love. Like the rest of you, I’ve had my share of both good and bad luck. But I’m choosing, with gratitude and love, to put my eggs in the good luck basket.


Image Credits: Socks ©Julija –; Eggs ©Nitr –; Heart © Belinda O; Cats © Belinda O; Friends ©Rudie –

5 Replies to “Lucky Me”

  1. I just love the positivity in your post, Belinda. I feel like I could look at my life as a story. I could write a sad story or an uplifting one. They hold the same experiences, but I choose the one that feels better. Ending my 31 year marriage was tough, and i could feel like I failed in that area. But like you, I have accepted what I might have been horrified about years earlier.
    I hold onto the concept that “thoughts equal feelings.” You are spot on with your post and thank you for sharing how you are doing. We are lucky and we are fortunate!!

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    1. I think your attitude deserves applause, Judy. I know you have had pain (and you only mentioned part of it), but I also have seen how you choose joy and how you express it through your art and music. You are fortunate to have that talent, but more importantly, you use it to express your life experiences in a positive and uplifting way.

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