Rats…it’s happened again

Some of my longer-term followers may remember the last time my computer went kaput. I got a new laptop then, but time has flown by and my “new” computer has died.

So I’m writing a short post to let all of you know you won’t be hearing much from me for a couple of weeks.

The timing is okay, however, as I’ll be getting enough of a tax refund to afford the laptop I want. Nothing fancy, but definitely more powerful than what I’ve been working with lately.

I still have my phone so I can respond to comments you leave. So for now, thanks for being there for me!

Image Credit: © vladwel–stock.adobe.com

6 Replies to “Rats…it’s happened again”

  1. I remember the last time and I’m sorry your computer didn’t last longer. I am squeaking by with my desktop from 2011 still. I’m ready when you are and will look forward to when you’re back, Belinda. 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  2. I squeaked along with one for 10 years before I finally had to give in. I hope you’re as pleased with the new one as I was with mine. (A decade is a long time in technology😀.)

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  3. I am glad you had funds for a new machine. I talk to my computers, praising and thanking them often throughout the day/week/month. Right now I have an Apple laptop from 12 years ago which is still working (I only use it for a few things) and my current MacBook Pro which is four years old. May your new computer last for many functional years!

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