Going with the Flow–and the Flow is Easy

Well, the laptop that I told you all was kaput the other day shall henceforth be known as Lazarus, because it has been raised from the dead. Okay, it still dies now and then, so it isn’t as reliable as I’d like and I should probably get a new one. But I need to wait for my tax refund anyway so I’m going with the flow with ol’ Laz here.

Going with the flow seems to be the story of my life these days. I’m living in an apartment I’m not thrilled with because that’s what I can afford. The pandemic has limited my social life (we’re all in that boat, I know). It seems I spend a lot of time at home and that can make me a bit stir crazy.

Still, I remain proactive about some things, which brings us back to the laptop and why I’m likely to get a new one even if Lazarus remains alive. I’m active in my writing group and need a reliable computer to maintain my good standing. Not that anyone would kick me out if my attendance and writing were spotty, but I want to stay active and be a consistent, contributing member.

I’m also proactive about the health of my cats, which can be costly. They each need to have their teeth cleaned, and that’s expensive–but necessary. So I’m saving my pennies and hoping this latest stimulus package goes through so I can get that done soon. Poor babies. They need to go back to the vet (high trauma) and get put under to have their teeth cleaned. 

I’m lucky enough to have a couple of great cats, snugglers both of them, so I want them healthy and happy.

I may not like my apartment and I may be bored quite a bit of the time, but overall, I’m happy with life. Sometimes you have to put up with something for awhile to make way for better things. I’m hoping I can move up in my job sometime soon, although I really like my manager and the group I work with so I’m a bit hesitant to get too proactive there.

So yes, I’m going with the flow on my job–a job with great benefits and respect for its employees, so the flow is easy.

And I’m lucky enough to say right now with my life, the flow is easy.

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11 Replies to “Going with the Flow–and the Flow is Easy”

  1. I’m so happy about your job, Belinda. Great benefits and respect for the employees are becoming harder to find, so I am very glad for you. Oh, the kitties dental work, I confess, is where I fail. The vet cuts me slack, but I know he is thinking, ‘How long do you go without seeing YOUR dentist?!’

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  2. That’s adorable naming your laptop, Laz! I’m glad temporarily it’s been revived. Hoping your stimulus money and refund come soon so you can take care of things.
    I completely related to the isolation. I am also saving a lot of money by not having meals out, haircuts, massages, manicures – and the list goes on.
    The biggest challenge is staying peaceful. I have managed to do this, though I feel sad when my children struggle.
    I am really glad to hear that your job has been comfortable. Yay! Things will be looking up soon. You and I have a lot to look forward to!

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    1. I’m not only saving money, the mileage I’ve put on my car the last six months is shockingly low. I’m a little stir crazy staying at home so much, but that’s the reality these days.
      I’m sure it is a challenge for you as a parent to watch your children struggle. I know it hurts my mom when I hurt.
      Anyway, things are basically good for me these days. That could change tomorrow–but I pray it doesn’t.

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      1. Belinda, your attitude is inspiring and uplifting. If you spent time worrying about tomorrow, you wouldn’t be enjoying today.
        Yes, the car expenses are much less and I hadn’t thought of that.
        The good news about my children is that when they succeed I am overjoyed. Like everything, it’s just up and down.
        And I am so glad you have your loving mom who hurts when you hurt. 💕

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    1. I don’t mind the cold, but snow and ice bother me. Some fresh spring weather would be good right about now, though–I’d like to open my windows and air out my apartment!


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