Today’s Joy

It snowed yesterday, and living where I live, it will all be gone by tomorrow.  Warmer weather had been predicted, at least according to the app on my phone, but it’s too overcast and just darn cold for the snow to melt today.

I remember being thrilled by snow when I was young, and I see that joy in the faces and actions of the children who live around me today. As an adult, however, the fun diminishes. Reality sets in. You become nervous about driving and the heating bill intimidates you. Not to mention when the snow melts, it might freeze over, and all of a sudden there’s ice on the steps.

It got me to wondering, what does bring me joy these days? Is there anything that doesn’t have its dark side for me? I love pecan caramel rolls, but they are chock-full of calories and I have vowed to lose weight.

Pages Of A Book Curved Into A HeartThe first thing (okay, second, after those rolls) that comes immediately to mind is books. A good read still brings me joy, and the only consequence is that the story ends. But even that brings satisfaction. I have always loved reading, and the proof is in my apartment–I have five bookcases full of books, and boxes with more, ready to donate.

But thinking of reading brings me to writing. I love to write and can get lost in the process when I allow myself to. Whether it’s a short blog post or a novel, writing is a pleasure I hope I never lose. I am compelled to write.

mittensformimialpacaAnd I love to knit. There’s double joy in that. I enjoy sitting down with needles and yarn, creating something new and then showing it off to other knitters. Speaking of other knitters, I can go to my local yarn store and simply sit and knit with others, sharing our lives. I guess there’s triple joy in knitting, because I can make hats and mittens for those in need.

Which brings us back to snow. Kids need mittens to play in the snow. So what if winter weather doesn’t bring me joy any more? There’s plenty to replace it, and sometimes, it all ties together.

Image  Credits: Snow © mallinka–, Book ©

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