Two weeks ago I visited my mom and helped her make the adjustment to assisted living. For a variety of reasons it had become apparent to the family that she needs an environment where she will be safe, and my brother took charge of pursuing her options. Through a Medicaid program called elderly waiver she is able to afford a (quite small) place in a nice, newly-renovated facility near the apartment she had been living in. So we’re all satisfied she’s done the right thing and are happy with the service she’ll be getting.

What I struggle with, though, is watching my mom get older, knowing that it will be me someday. Without children, I don’t know who will help me when the time comes. I made the choice some time ago not to have children, and as it turns out, my body had made the same decision for me. Yes, I could have adopted, but the bottom line is, as much as I love babies and older kids, I didn’t want any of my own.

AdobeStock_145424722 [Converted]So who will care for me as I age? My brother put in a lot of time and effort to help get my mom where she is today, and I did what I could as well. It all came together for her in a way it isn’t likely to for me. When I mentioned my fears to my brother, he sort of laughed and said it’s a little early to worry about that now.

It is. As scripture says, don’t worry about tomorrow, today has enough trouble of its own. I do believe in planning,  but I know I can’t really plan for how I will be cared for in the future when I don’t know what my situation will be. Still, I will do what I can so I’m at least partially prepared for any eventuality.

Yes, today has enough trouble of its own.

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  1. What a difficult topic to broach, Belinda. I remember being very involved in my parents’ care. And yet, I do not want to burden my children with my care. When I broke my ankle, I saw how they weren’t able to truly take care of me. I learned how self-reliant I could be and it worried me for my future when I might not be. It is so tough to imagine – terrifying actually. I hope you can find some comfort, based on suggestions from other comments.

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  2. This is a valid concern, Belinda. I want to add that some people have children, but they cannot depend on them to support in any type of way, so there’s that…it’s not always a guarantee. I do believe, however, that whatever is to happen in the future will work out in whatever way is best for you.

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  3. Hi, Belinda. I wanted to respond to you earlier. Tried and computer wouldn’t cooperate…lol. Working on an iPad. I would just like to say it was great what you and your brother did for your mom. Don’t let fear of the future shade what God has blessed. He has you covered. He may have already lined up that person to be in your life at the right moment in time. The tendency to jump ahead causes us anxiety. Don’t fret about tomorrow. Today has enough trouble of it’s own. Take care and keep writing!

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