It’s National Senior Citizens Day!

I’m a few short years from being a senior citizen myself, and many of my friends are already there. I know the value of life experience.

Those over 65 have been there. They’ve experienced joy and sorrow, tragedy and triumph. They know what it’s like to deal with the angst of a difficult childhood, or difficult children, for that matter.

My dad once told me, “every generation thinks they invented sex and swearing.” If you think granny doesn’t understand your not-so-subtle double entendre, think again. She gets it and could tell you some saucy stories herself.

Remember this: the aging baby boomers once were criticized in the same way todays teens and twenty-somethings are. And someday, God willing, those making fun of the older generation will be senior citizens themselves. It’s just life.

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12 Replies to “It’s National Senior Citizens Day!”

  1. I love what you wrote, Belinda!! Sometimes I think the younger generation doesn’t get it until they get older and find out!! It’s so annoying and yet, I was probably annoying to my parents when I was young.

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  2. Yes, I definitely grew up not believing for one minute that my elders had “been there and done that.” In fact, they may have even “topped” my exploits when they were younger! Now, I’m the one who those the same age refuse to believe has ever been through what they are experiencing. That being said, I never had to navigate a global pandemic or social media at their age so in those instances they might just know more than this older gentleman does…(not saying senior just yet!)

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  3. Having older parents and my dad having older parents, my paternal grandparents were born around 1900. When in the ’80s I was a teen who started going out dancing (it was a nightclub that opened its doors to strictly only teenagers on Friday nights) and who loved dancing, I remember my surprise when my dad told me about his mother who was ‘always the first on the dance-floor. She was a flapper-girl’! I’d look back at my grandmother (she’d passed away before I was 10) with amusement, trying to imagine this very tall, plain looking, old woman dancing her heart out as someone ‘young’ in 1920s London!

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        1. Oh, that must have been really difficult back before there were meds to help. I have a friend who had serious post partum depression and I shudder to think what would have happened to her without all the support she got.

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          1. Yes, post partum depression I’ve heard can be devastating, even bringing on psychosis (harming their children). I don’t know why the brain/body would behave that way? I’m glad your friend got the help she needed.
            I only found out recently that my dad’s older brother, the first born was in fact given to their mother’s sister who lived far away in another part of the country. The sister and her husband were loving towards this nephew who they viewed as their own – and then suddenly at the age of 5 his biological mother (my grandmother) suddenly wanted him back! I don’t think that was right. My uncle said he was very happy living there and it was a shock to suddenly be back with his biological parents.

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