A Little Bit of Luck

My dad  jokingly told me today not to count on him winning the lottery and making me rich. Not that I had ever considered that, mind you. He stopped buying lottery tickets after getting numerous calls from “helpful” realtors and financial advisors who had learned, because it’s public record, that some of my stepmom’s stuff was going through probate. He figured the number of calls he’d get if he won a billion dollars would be significantly greater, and managing one’s finances would be, well, perhaps a greater pain than they were worth.

AdobeStock_169417990 [Converted] smI’d actually come to that conclusion myself many years ago. I wouldn’t mind winning a million dollars. That I think I could handle with some good advice. I’d put it all into a retirement account and maybe retire a little early (but not until I got Medicare, so not that early). Yes, I have a plan for winning a million dollars.

However, the plan is somewhat moot, as I don’t buy lottery tickets as a rule. I see it as a waste of money. Now, I might put some money down on one of those football betting boards–I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re the 10×10 ones where you pick what you hope will be the winning score. My odds of winning would be significantly better and it would likely be a friendly wager among friends. Still, I don’t know how much I’d be willing to put down. I’m just not much of a gambler.

There are life-changing events that make it easy to be a better person, and life-changing events that challenge us to a greater degree than perhaps we care to be challenged. Money definitely is one of those things that can change you, whether it’s being a lucky winner (and how you define lucky is up to you) or whether you lose your financial security.

I prefer not to tempt fate with my financial decisions. I’ll stick with my conservative, middle class lifestyle, save money and trust that my investments, such as they are, will pay off. That’s all the gambling I want to do. With a little bit of luck, it’s all I’ll need to do.

Image Credits: Winning Woman © denis vermenko–stock.adobe.com; Million Dollar Winner © lankogal–stock.adobe.com

7 Replies to “A Little Bit of Luck”

  1. I have never bought a lottery ticket. It seems the bigger the odds, the more people buy tickets. And I don’t get that.
    Oh my gosh–people actually scroll through probate records and call with ‘help’? That is nuts.

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  2. I’m a terrible gambler, unless it’s my first time, but like you, I have a plan for the lottery that I don’t play lol
    I’d already decided no one would know…I don’t need those extra phone calls you’d mentioned .

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