Sing, Sing a Song

I’ve written about this several times before on this blog, but if there is one thing I wish I could do better, just a little bit better, it’s sing. My grandfather had a beautiful voice, or so I’m told. The story goes that the way he sung “Ave Maria” made the nuns cry. My dad lived in his shadow with a voice about as bad his daughter’s would be, and recalls that one of his childhood prayers was to have his tonsils out, with the belief that that would improve his voice. He never had his tonsils out, so we’ll never know, but chances are it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference.

Today in church I hold open my hymnal only so I know how much more singing is left, and most of the time I don’t care enough to do even that. I listen and enjoy for the most part, but don’t attempt to sing along unless it’s “Morning Has Broken.” (You may remember the Cat Stevens’ hit, but what you may not know is that the song originated as a hymn in the 19th century. Today’s trivia for those of you old enough to remember Cat Stevens.) I sing under my breath, but the song is one I can manage with.

I have my talents and I’m happy with those, and I do eke out a song from time to time for my cats, who seem to enjoy it. I assume cats are tone deaf, although I’m not sure. I remember my mom’s cat Darren loved Bread (another group from the 70s) and when he traveled with us, we had to play The Best of Bread over and over again to keep him calm. My cat Paco was partial to David Gray. They both seemed to like that mellow music, and who can blame them?

I know that those who can sing wish they had other talents, maybe hit a baseball, for example (another thing I can’t do) or write (something I can do). We all have our unfulfilled dreams. I’ve learned to live with mine, but I can still find myself wishing I could belt it out like some I see on television talent shows. It isn’t a wish that lasts long.

And if you can sing, sing out loud, so we all can enjoy it.

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7 Replies to “Sing, Sing a Song”

  1. I was definitely a Cat Stevens fan. Bread–not so much. And I had to Google David Gray. I’d not heard of him before.
    Church was always a great mix of singers: those ladies who could sing reasonably well, and those who could not. They, of course, sang the loudest. And the men who just awed me with their wonderful baritones. I would mouth the words to a hymn so I could listen to them instead.

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    1. I like listening to the baritones myself. There’s a wonderful older couple in my church who still have beautiful voices, and I always try to sit in front of them, just to enjoy the music they make.

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  2. I cannot sing. That hasn’t stopped me from trying, and for that I must apologize to Mrs. Chess. However, I grew up singing to records and 8-tracks when by myself and while I am not a great candidate for a karaoke night, I still enjoy belting out a song now and then. My thing I wished I could do was dunk a basketball. Just couldn’t get off the ground enough. Needless to say, my vertical leap is lower now lol.

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  3. This is too funny! I have had several moments being told that singing was not my gift. My sister has an awesome voice. However, I do something I learned to do a long time ago. Sing anyway. The Lord says make a joyful noise unto. He didn’t specify it had to be a gift or a talent. So, when I feel the urge to sing, I sing because of this. Lol…good luck with it!

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    1. I agree about making a joyful noise! I need to get over being so self-conscious. Not easy. But I do sing around my apartment. Just need to broaden my audience, I guess!


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