Heard Anything Good Lately?

AdobeStock_274770438 [Converted]I’m going to be visiting my mom next month, and that means a ten-hour drive there–and, of course, a ten-hour drive back. So I’m looking for suggestions for some good audio books.

I’m open to anything, as long as it’s compelling. I should be clear that the audio books would have to be something my local library would have, and while said library has a decent selection, it’s nothing like that of a big city. But a good autobiography or memoir would be a welcome suggestion. If it’s really recent and really good, there might be a waiting list, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t suggest it, but consider some that are a year or two old as well.

If you’ve read a good autobiography or memoir lately, let me know and I can see if it’s available on audio. Or any other book, for that matter.

Your help is appreciated!!

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