Walter Has Claimed Mom’s Shawl

Walter and ShawlI (finally) finished this shawl for my mom, and Walter won’t let go. As you saw in my previous Caturday post, he likes to find new places to sleep, and it’s often inconvenient for me. Oh well. He’s a sweet kitty and I spoil him. Go ahead and sleep there, Walter. I’ll need the shawl in a month when I visit Mom, but in the meantime, it’s yours.

Image Credits: Cesar Cat © BelindaO; Paws in Heart © Bigstock Photos

7 Replies to “Walter Has Claimed Mom’s Shawl”

      1. My sister and brother-in-law had come out to CA to go to a big car show in Carmel. My husband and I went with them and since the three kittens had just been born, we named them Bentley, Bearcat (after a Stutz Bearcat car) and Patti, which was my sister’s name. Ha. Two cars for my bro-in-law and the girl named after my sister!

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