A Quiet Celebration

Every once in awhile, life throws us a curve ball — a really cool, out-of-the-blue,  unexpected, happy curve ball. Now, I’m not really sure that as a sports term, curve ball is the accurate phrase here, but you get what I’m saying. Something we didn’t expect.

Most of the time, it seems, those unexpected events knock you off your feet with their negative consequences. You don’t know what to do at first, you’re floundering until someone or something helps you get it together. In this case, initially I was cautious. If I celebrated, did I break the spell?

Then I thought, if this is good news, it’s going to stick. If it only seems to be good news, if it turns out to be something else, then why not enjoy the momentary sense of relief anyway? I’m certainly well aware things can change. It’s not as if they did, I’d be disillusioned or destroyed.

So I’m going to celebrate. Quietly, and just with the kitties. But I’ll have a good evening. Because when good things happen, we need to mark the moment.

Victory Girl sm

23 Replies to “A Quiet Celebration”

  1. We indeed should be grateful for all things big or small in appearance…and accept their presence when they come about in the present…the future will come about soon enough.

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  2. I know what you mean. A feeling that maybe when the we celebrate, negative things might happen. I always tell myself that I have been given a spirit of love and of sound mind and not of fear, so I celebrate what needs to be celebrated. Enjoy the moments. Blessings 😊

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  3. I like to hear that good things are happening (especially from those unexpected curve balls). By the way, yes, curve ball is a sports term. It is a type of pitch used in baseball. Some pitchers are known for their curve balls. Okay, I got straight A’s from the time I was in middle school and used to get 4 tickets for 4 games of the year (St. Louis Cardinals). I still love baseball and actually used to keep score. Some guys were impressed and others thought I was not normal (lol…). Brought back some memories.

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