Something Incredible, Someone Incredible

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
― Carl Sagan

That sense of awe, of anticipation. What lies around the corner? What will change my life tomorrow?

Carl Sagan, of course, was talking about science, and presumably, discovery. Yet there are things each of us have yet to uncover in our own lives that can turn the tide for us, bring us great joy and satisfaction, and give us hope in the thought of a new day. Discovery in the ordinary.

globe-304806_1280 pixabay smImagine being eight months old again, and the whole world is new. In some ways, that still can be true. There is still more out there we don’t know than we do, more to learn than we can ever know. And while most of it doesn’t have the power to change our lives, just learning it does. The power of the process of education.

And having that sense of awe certainly changes you.

It’s easy, and safe, to become cynical as we grow older. It almost seems wise. We look at the little ones around us and call those wide eyes “the child-like look of wonder” equating “child-like” with “naive, vulnerable.” Yet imagine being able to just sit somewhere and watch the magic of something incredible reveal itself.

Perhaps in sitting still you’ll learn something you’ve never dreamed of before.

There are times in our lives we don’t know why we’re “on hold.” Are we meant to discover during those times? Discovery inherently means you don’t seek particular information, because you don’t know what’s out there. You simply start seeking.

Magnifying Glass smFollow the course of knowledge where it leads you.

Of course at a point your discovery may lead you to understand there is a path of  information you want to pursue. It may open up worlds of further discovery for you.

Or something as mundane as job opportunities.



Photo Credit (magnifying glass) Elisabeth Burrell © Copyright 2016 — Fotolia

15 Replies to “Something Incredible, Someone Incredible”

  1. I read somewhere that of all the emotions, “awe” was the most powerful. One of my favorite words is: wonderful – full of awe and wonder. This was a wonderful post!

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          1. And I discovered something, too! It’s so nice to connect with other bloggers. You helped me a lot with my theme change. 🙂 Now I’m blushing. I love sharing and you’ve made my day.

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  2. Great post! I work with young children every day and have the opportunity to witness awe and wonder through their learning. It’s amazing! I too, as an adult still find myself in awe of the world around me, especially through my photography and writing. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I am pursuing job opportunities right now and therefore am always looking forward to what might lie around the corner, keeping my mind open to any and all possibilities. That something…or someone…might be around the very next bend in the road.

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    1. You never know, do you? My last job was as a case manager for people with developmental disabilities. I loved it. I got when I responded to an ad that said, “should have strong writing skills, like to work at home and have a clean driving record. Previous work with people with disabilities preferred.” I mean, I got lucky with that one! (But all good things must come to an end.)

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  4. I love this! I completely agree with you!! I listen to audio books daily from YouTube, they’re free. Anything that interests you, there is a book for it on YouTube. I let it play all day long while I’m working. You are so right, we tend to lose our imaginations as we grow older, we must bring them back! Make a new discovery each day. Wonderful post!! 🙂

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    1. It’s hard to write on a quote from a mind like that, knowing I’ll be diminishing the thought in some way, simply because my mind is not as great as his. Oh well. Thank you!


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