Every few months I plan a trip to drive the 657 miles from my home to my mom’s. I don’t mind long drives, even though I’m worn out at the end (at least the drive home). I’ve gotten to know the radio stations in each city, what areas have no phone reception, and where to stop for both gas and a meal.

I’ve also learned to spend that time reflecting, pondering, thinking about things I don’t have the energy to commit to working through on a day to day basis. I pray and sometimes plead with God, and discover answers I didn’t expect.

Life is a journey, and sometimes, for me, it takes a road trip to put it all in perspective. I can live a lifetime in those ten-hour excursions, only to end up right where I left…literally. But the time on the road has changed me.

And it’s the subtle changes that bring me joy.

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11 Comments on “Back Where I Started

  1. I agree! For me it is often the long nights while I try to fight myself into sleeping. Last night was one such case. Thoughts were swirling in my mind, and I gaped at how a little incident in the past (the interview in college which got me my current job) can literally change the course of your life (living in a far-away city, lonely, but living well).

    Only that the mornings after that I am kind of groggy and tired. And that’s not so nice 😀

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  2. This post is a beautiful metaphor related to your journey through life. It seems that the destination isn’t what is most important!
    I wish you a safe and fulfilling trip. 🙂

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