Warning: Limited Warranty

Today I discovered the injury to my thumb that has been plaguing me for the last several weeks is likely due to decades of avid knitting. I saw a physical therapist, and with the help  of some special tools, she was able feel an unusual number of bumps in the muscle that goes from my thumb to my wrist. These bumps are typically due to tiny tears in the muscle that heal over and form scar tissue. Over time, it can cause tendonitis.

Throughout your lifetime you’re warned to eat right, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and avoid stress. Of course you may or may not pay attention to this advice, and as you age, you could find yourself paying the price of a lifetime of bad habits. That’s expected.

girl-knitting-smBut nobody told me to moderate my knitting lest my thumb pay the price. Nobody.

There’s a limited warranty on our bodies, and not a whole lot of recourse with any of it. There are some relatively guaranteed benefits of healthy living, although disease can hit any of us and counteract those benefits at any time.

For the rest of our physical well-being, it’s basically planned obsolescence.

How many other surprise aches and pains await me in the coming years? This is annoying, I have to say it.  I’ve been drying my hair in the same manner since I was a teenager. Is that going to cause a problem someday?

I should regain full use of my thumb, but it may take weeks. In the meantime, knitting is out, which is like taking away a part of my spirit. I find myself getting a little depressed, not being able to use the soothing therapy of creating with beautiful fiber.

Yes,  I know, there are many more serious problems, and I do have proper perspective on this. It is wear and tear, literally, not chronic or terminal disease. Overall, I remain basically a healthy person. My heart is in good shape. My screening tests come back negative, and that’s positive. I don’t have diabetes, cancer or glaucoma, and I am grateful. Truly, deeply grateful.

But this aspect of getting older — pooh.


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18 Replies to “Warning: Limited Warranty”

  1. So sorry to hear this, Belinda. It’s so interesting – human nature. I’ve noticed with my own life, any ailment feels lifelong and permanent. But I’ve had so many things that have resolved. Even my dry eye condition, which I was told was “incurable” has improved to a point where I don’t consider it a huge hindrance anymore.
    I’ve had tennis elbow that laid me up for months – but it hasn’t reoccured in 10 years. I had bunions in my 30’s that were so painful. They so longer bother me and I decided not to do surgery on them. I’ve had colitis that left me after 2 years. And I had carpal tunnel syndrome – I couldn’t write much, use the computer or play my guitar. It also resolved on it’s own. When I couldn’t sing recently with esophagitis, I had to replace my energy. Instead I just played my guitar and composed an instrumental.
    So after all my spouting here – I guess I want to tell you that perhaps this condition is a mild injury that will resolve. I see so many old tennis players with braces on playing. You may keep knitting for many more years. You might have to make a few adjustments, but never regret all those wonderful years of passion. It will continue, I have a strong feeling about this. if it doesn’t, I feel you will discover something else to be passionate about. But I am so sorry for what you are going through. I understand how hard it is to have something we love taken away. But I do think it’s temporary!

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    1. I believe it’s temporary as well. I’m not terribly worried about it — but it surprised the bejeebers out of me!!! And makes me wonder what lies ahead. It’s not fun, as you know, having your lifestyle compromised by health issues, big or small. As we’ve both learned, the small issues — by that I mean the ones that clear up after time without serious consequences — can, for a time, by just as limiting as the big ones! I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR YOUR DRY EYES ARE BETTER. I see commercials all the time for products for dry eyes, and wonder about your condition. I also hope your throat is clearing up. This time away from knitting has forced me to do other things — including get my home straightened out — so it isn’t all bad. But I miss the knitting. It is so much a part of me. I know you understand that. You have your music. Anyway, this is minor….but frustrating!!!!

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      1. It’s such a blessing to have something we love so much, isn’t it? There are many people out there who can’t relate to that. I can’t imagine!
        My throat is getting better – I lost weight on my vacation, which amazes me. I am feeling better and better.
        Just hoping your condition clears up soon!

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  2. I hope it heals quickly, Belinda, and I hope you will find something to help lift your spirits while you’re resting your hands from knitting. Get well soon!!!


  3. It’s always something, isn’t it? I am sorry to hear this–especially because it is caused by something you enjoy doing. I think I am lucky that I have never had carpal tunnel from all my years of office/computer work. Your overall health is great–that’s the main thing. Just don’t promise anyone a scarf for Christmas!

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    1. Haha. I’ve been working on a sweater for my mom for the longest time. I really want to get it done…but I guess that isn’t in the cards right now. I do know this is minor and temporary, but aging is a bitch sometimes. However, I’ll take this over cancer in a heartbeat!!!! Even as a permanent condition!!!!!! I hope your health continues to improve. I keep thinking about “your” prisoners and how relieved they must have been to hear from you…and scared for you at the same time. I pray for them daily.

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  4. It’s not until you lose the use of your thumb you realise how much you use it, hope it soon mends or at least improves. I await the consequences of being a lifelong hair twiddler. I can’t read, watch TV even think sometimes without wrapping my hair round my fingers and tugging. Either all my hair will fall out or more likely I’ll end up with a frozen shoulder from always having my arm raised.

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    1. No joke!!! Repetitive motion will get you every time. You’re right, losing the use of your thumb is surprisingly debilitating. I’ve learned to type without it, but there are a lot of other things I’m having a harder time compensating for!!

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  5. I feel your loss. I know you will be back to knitting. I feel so empty when I miss a few days of knitting. Maybe reading some knitting magazines and holding some yarn will help you heal faster 🙂

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  6. I had that happen once from using my thumb to hold books open. My doctor’s advice: stop reading paperbacks for awhile. It worked, but oh my. It seems we have to pay for even our innocent pleasures.

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