The Kitsch is Back

You find the funniest things when you move. I’d given up on Francisco a long time ago (you may remember him from a previous post)– so long ago I’d forgotten he was strumming a guitar, not flamenco dancing.

Memory is a challenge sometimes. We think we remember so clearly, when in reality,  we’re completely wrong. Or at least partially wrong. I’m glad I remembered the charm of Francisco, even if I didn’t remember his profession precisely.

As you can see, he’s in need of a little repair. That will happen, and soon. After his journey back to my awareness, that’s the least he deserves.

And the kitsch is back!

4 Replies to “The Kitsch is Back”

  1. Well “welcome back” Francisco! Belinda, you are so right about moving. “People” like this just pop up out of nowhere. As many kitsch-like individuals we already have out on display…there are always others sleeping it off somewhere waiting for their “15 minutes of fame” once unearthed again. Memory is certainly flawed at times but you get credit for coming reasonably close on the profession thing. Artistic for sure…close enough!

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