A Lifetime Search

Always the question with job hunting, “what am I capable of doing, and what will I enjoy doing?” We’re told to pursue our passion, to do what we love, but there are times when we must simply seek a job we can do well and be content with for a time, maybe a long time, and perhaps find the greater satisfaction elsewhere.

If I had my choice, I’d write for a living. I’d find someone AdobeStock_109760634 [Converted]who needs a blog writer and work my heart out making theirs the finest blog of its kind. In fact, I’ve been seeking such work, and no doubt it exists, but finding it is another issue.

Still, there are other things I enjoy doing, and I do them well. I’m good at customer service, providing a pleasant experience for others, and I find satisfaction with that work. Again, finding the right job isn’t always easy. I’ve applied for a few positions I think I would enjoy with companies for whom I believe I’d be a good fit, and haven’t heard word boo from them after dropping off my application, even following up with a phone call.

There’s a danger with turning what we love into a career. If we find solace in that work, that peace of mind can be taken away by professional demands. I’ve had countless people over the years tell me I should turn my knitting hobby into a money-making venture, and while that sounds appealing, the reality is, I need my knitting to relax. I don’t need the pressures of customer expectations, marketing, budgeting and all the rest. I need the freedom that comes with a hobby.

Are you sure this price tag is right?

The other reality is, knitting doesn’t lend itself well to making money. If I charged someone for the time and expertise it takes me to complete a project, they’d be a fool to pay it. A simple pair of slippers might be close to $100.

Most of us, however, have multiple skills, capabilities that can bring us pleasure and yes, profit.  We also have personality traits that both expand what we can do best and limit it. It can be a lifteime challenge finding all the possibilities, or even a good mix of some of them.

As we grow older, we change and learn new things about ourselves, we move to areas with different opportunities, we seek new challenges. It’s a search with multiple discoveries.

If you know of anyone looking for a blog writer…but look who I’m talking to! A group of capable writers. Still, it never hurts to put it out there….

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8 Replies to “A Lifetime Search”

  1. I’m still amazed to think I’ve made a living as an artist – I remember thinking it was really a hobby and not a profession.
    But it isn’t my passion at all, though I do love working at home. I would love to see you working as a blog writer. You’ve got great skills. If I come across any job leads in that realm, I’ll send it in your direction. I wish you so much luck with this. I would love to see your dream become a reality. 🙂

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  2. Thoughtful and great post! Alas! If I had the means (or a website that actually had “traffic”) I’d certainly take on a writer with your creativity and writing capabilities. Nevertheless, takes a bit of guts to put out this post and I will be hoping for the best for you. And I will continue to follow this website and your “sister” website, “Classic for a Reason”.

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  3. I agree the do-what-you-love plan can have unexpected, unintended consequences. What gives one enjoyment and satisfaction isn’t always replicated when it transitions from a hobby to a job. I think of folks who love cooking and baking and want to do that all the time. You can…but when you have to produce X amount of product in a day instead of just want to…that’s when it gets really “interesting.”

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  4. Belinda, I wish you all the best with your job search. I’m sure there are writing jobs for you out there, just need to find where… In the UK we have the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook which has advice and contacts. Perhaps you have something similar? 🙂

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