Choose Order

“If an infinite number of monkeys had an infinite number of typewriters, would one of them type ‘Hamlet’?”

Probably not. Getting monkeys to sit at a typewriter isn’t easy, and an infinite number of them would provide a proportionate number of distractions.

I found that question intriguing when it was first posed to me in high school, and now, I’m not sure of its significance. Are we being asked if everything in existence is that random? If so, I don’t believe it. That would be believing in chaos as the dominant force, and it’s clear to me there is order in the universe.

Order is natural, chaos, so often, is a choice. When there is no order, no reason, when we are left to the mercy of the whims of others, that is chaos, that is a hellish existence. War is like that, and prison can be, too. When humanity is removed from our lives, when the law of the day is different from sunrise to sunset, we cease to live in a reasoned world, where consequences match actions, where equality is valued, where lives matter.


We expect certain behaviors from certain people, and when people whose behavior has been selfish and uncharitable are put in positions in which they are expected to be wise and compassionate, chaos is certain to reign.

I pray for order in my world, for kindness and charity, for reason and safety.

I pray the monkeys aren’t in charge.

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8 Replies to “Choose Order”

  1. Thanks for writing a perfect post for the New Year. I wasn’t sure why I felt a political implication with the last paragraph – but I’m with you in my world, too. Let’s hope for the best!

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  2. I get what you are trying to say, but I feel that it is chaos that is the natural order of the world. When I say this, I am thinking about Brownian motion – motion of particles all around us. I am thinking about great crowds trying to cross the roads at every corner in the world. Chaos, to me, signifies life, signifies change. But like I said, I totally get where you are coming from.

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    1. Oftentimes even in the chaos you describe there is some order, some reason (although crowds of people seem to create a lack of reason). What I’m referring to here is the lack of logic or consistency in human behavior, particularly powerful men and women. I’m also (as you may have gathered) making a political comment about the impending situation here in the good ol’ USA. We may be a bit spoiled in that area and in for shock. Time will tell.

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