I’ve finally reached the conclusion, after eight months of fighting it, I’m not going to find space for some things I own.

My brother says if I’m not using them I don’t need them, but I’ve already delivered a dozen boxes to Goodwill. I’m not ready to part with anything more. So all these miscellaneous items will go into a box — make that boxes — that will be placed in the corner of the spare bedroom.

The cats are delighted. Boxes! Boxes! Jump in, jump out. Play a little, sleep a little more. I just have to be sure not to tape anything shut with a kitty inside.


4 Comments on “Back in the Box

  1. I’m with your brother–we are taking our stuff to St Vincent de Paul next weekend. If I don’t use it–it is outta here! I have become even more hardcore than I usually am!

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    • I’m giving it six months and going back through everything again. I’ve purged a lot and reached my limit — but there’s more that can go, no doubt.

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  2. It’s a boxing match! I’m sure you will struggle a bit, but over time you’ll know what you can let go of. I have a closet and know it’s time to discard those things I haven’t touched in 5 years!

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