I treasure you. Hopefully you don’t need to read this to know how much.

That’s why (and I know this is hard for you to understand) I don’t want you going outside. You see, it’s dangerous for kitties out there, and the two of you aren’t street savvy.


I’m going to visit my mom in a couple of months, and I’m worried about you. I’m terrified you’ll dash outside while I’m gone and I’ll never see you again. My friend Deb is going to take care of you while I’m gone, so be good for her, okay?

We need to talk about my trip a little, too. I’ll be gone for what will seem like a long time to you, and I decided it was best to let you stay home rather than go to the kitty-cat hotel. They didn’t have any of the big rooms available, and you would’ve been in a teeny-tiny space for way too long.

So you might be a little lonely, but I’ll be coming back, and Deb will stop by everyday to feed you, love you and clean up your litter box. Be sure to talk to her and snuggle with her; she’ll love it. I may come home and find she’s kidnapped you! (Just kidding.)

We have lots of space now, lots of room for you to run around. It’s okay if you knock things around a little. Deb or I will pick it up.

Remember, I treasure you.

Image Credit (drawing of cat) © puckillustrations — fotolia


9 Comments on “Dear Walter and Mimi,

    • “Aunt Deb” will take good care of them, I’m sure. They’ll maybe get a little lonely, but then I’ll be back and they’ll forget I was ever gone!


  1. I’d treasure them, too. They look so affectionate and sweet. Nothing like a fur-ball to cuddle up to. I hope everything goes smoothly while you’re gone, Belinda. 🙂

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  2. I got a little behind on reading, but I hope your trip went well and that your kitties are back snuggling with you!

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