Equal Time for Mimi! (It’s Caturday)

A few weeks ago, two consecutive posts featured my adorable cat, Walter.

But I have two precious kitties, and Mimi is every bit as loving and sweet as her brother. It’s just not as easy to capture cute pictures of her. Here are a few I particularly like.



8 Replies to “Equal Time for Mimi! (It’s Caturday)”

    1. I do remember Kitty. I think she was actually cuter — Mimi has a sweet face, but she’s not “cute.” I haven’t come up with the right word to describe her…but she’s a sweetheart!

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        1. Yes, they do. And Mimi has the additional “problem” that Walter is better at snuggling in, and he sort of melts in your lap. She doesn’t, but she is so loving. She’s the one who sleeps by my side (or on my pillow) and sits by my feet when I’m watching TV or reading, or working at the computer.

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