Caturday Memories

Today I want to remember all the kitties from my past.

I don’t have pictures of all of them, nor is it likely I’ll remember all their names. But Hugo, Petunia, Whittier, Salem, Gabriel, Cassie, Darren, Whitney, Montero, Carter and of course, Paco, you made my life better just by being there in the morning. Even if being there meant you were pestering me for food.

Granted, the quality of many of these pictures is pretty poor, either due to age or because they’re Polaroids (or both). But you get an idea of how blessed I’ve been.

Caturday Memories.


4 Replies to “Caturday Memories”

  1. You must have deleted your recent post about having a health issue and being believed by your doctor. So I’ll reply to it here – even though I can also add your cats are all very beautiful.

    What you wrote was so moving, your feelings jumped from the screen. I understand, Belinda, about triggers. This incident brought back your traumatic memories of childhood – erupting feelings about not being believed must be very distressing. I am so sorry for what your endured. I can only imagine your conflicted feelings. I know my parents loved me, but there were things that happened in my youth that still cause me trauma today. All it takes is a trigger.
    Hope you’re okay.

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