Listen and Cheer

We all like recognition, some more than others. Some crave recognition from certain people while shying away from it in unfamiliar situations. Others will take it wherever they can get it. Whatever our wants, there is a basic fact of human experience: we all have a need for respect and recognition.

It starts by having our existence acknowledged, when others simply listen to what one has to say. On a higher level there are accolades, acknowledging work well done. That doesn’t necessarily begin and end with our jobs, although that’s important. It could be noting the sweater someone knit or the good behavior of a friend’s child.

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Understanding another’s life challenges can help us hone in on what kind of recognition they need. Parents, of course, love to have their children acknowledged in meaningful ways (and might I add, those of us with cats and dogs will take the praise due them). It takes listening and paying attention to know how best to respect others, even those closest to us.

Today I saw a group of truck drivers at work (I work for J. B. Hunt, a transportation company) cheered on in the Million Mile March, recognizing them for driving two, three and four million miles for the company without a preventable accident. There were quite a few walking the red carpet in the home offices as the local high school band played and the office employees cheered and whooped.

Not only were these men and women proud, but their family members walking beside them beamed as well. It was quite an experience. I should add, J. B. Hunt rewards them in multiple ways for this achievement. It’s a big deal.

That’s an extreme example, but a fun one. I hope you take the time to recognize others in simple ways. Not out of guilt, of course, but love and respect for those around you. People are valuable, and it’s a good idea to let them know it.

Image Credits: Balloons and Confetti © beerfan–; Children Jumping © Bigstock

8 Replies to “Listen and Cheer”

  1. That is a wonderful achievement for those drivers. I worked in risk management so no accidents in a million miles is super! My department would have joined in the cheering recognition.

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  2. Belinda, you are so right how humans thrive with recognition and validation. I love your truck drivers celebration – what an amazing and well-deserved achievement! Your writing really painted an image and it sounds like such a lovely event!

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  3. What a lovely post! I think sometimes we do take for granted the people closest to us and forget to offer a simple compliment. I’d take this post as a reminder to compliment more often.
    Kudos to the men and women at our company who were felicitated. Safety is a big component of my organization also, and each life is important. It’s great to remind ourselves that from time to time.

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