Drive Me Batty and Keep Me Sane

So often when I’m writing I’m joined by one of two 11-pound lumps of fur and purr, sitting on my lap, shifting, kneading and finally settling in while I lean over him or her to the keyboard.

They’re a sister and brother team who came into my life sometime back, when they were just kittens and in need of safety and shelter. Mimi is my princess, or perhaps pharaohess would be the better term given her sleek appearance. She’s not the best at staying put, in fact, she’s more likely to wander around the apartment, crying and annoying the heck out of me while I write. But when I turn to yap at her, she looks at me and comes running, and I stop before the words come out. She just wants some loving.

uh-oh slrWalter, on the other hand, is adept at snuggling in, melting in, really. He’s the scene-stealer and has been from the beginning. Cute, charming and a little shy, Walter, too, just wants to be loved.

On occasion I read aloud what I’ve written and take into consideration their most likely unrelated reactions: burrowing further in, leaping from my lap, a tiny “mew?” I take as a request for clarification. Sometimes Walter will hold a paw out as if to say, “that’s enough, you don’t need to share anymore, I’m here to nap.”

They drive me batty and keep me sane, wake me in the middle of the night just to play and sit in the window waiting for me to come home. If I’m sick or weary they’re there beside me, and if I’m agitated they keep their distance…for awhile.

I need them and they need me, so we’re together for the long haul. I hope it’s a long haul.

Walter and Mimi in the fresh laundry
Walter and Mimi, settled onto my fresh laundry, moments after I’ve taken it out of the dryer.

18 Replies to “Drive Me Batty and Keep Me Sane”

  1. Wow. They look like my cats. I have tiger stripped like yours and I thought it was one cat but it was actually two. I call them both Bob! lol. Pretty kitties! I like it when the animals look over your computer. It is funny!

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    1. I first captioned that photo “Uh-oh, boss caught me goofing off!” and posted it on Facebook. It still makes me laugh, and I can’t believe I was able to grab the camera quickly enough to get that shot!

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    1. Thank you! I love that — “Office Adminstrator”! I may have to find titles for my kitties. However, it will be honorary, they’re likely to tire of any duties… πŸ™‚


  2. Oh what a beautiful post, you brought happy tears to my eyes. I love your pictures, is that Walter peeking over the computer screen? Of course they laid on your freshly dried clothes…hee hee…what a most wonderful, heart-touching story. I’m so happy you all have each other! πŸ™‚

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