Carefree and Campy

During our “break-up” talk, my now ex-boyfriend did everything he could to hurt me. One comment, however, had entirely the opposite effect.

“You’re kind of…offbeat,” he said, in a tone clearly not meant to be complimentary.

“Yes, I am,” I replied with a smile. Truer words were never said.

A junior high crush worded it differently, and at the time, it did hurt. “She’s different,” he told my friend when she asked the crucial question, “do you like her?” I felt like an outsider then.

As part of my offbeat side, I’ve always been drawn to the campy. While my wardrobe is actually fairly conservative, in fact, at this point, one might say, boring, I easily could have become known for a flamboyant style. Back in high school my life-long love of classic films began, particularly the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers films of the 30s. Their second to last movie with RKO Pictures, Carefree (1938), featured Ginger in a couple of outfits I desperately wanted to emulate.

Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers

Carefree is not the best Astaire/Rogers film, either in plot or dance numbers, but this sweater caught my attention. It’s actually a bit, well, tacky, compared to what Ginger normally wore, but is true to the character, who has the hearts & minds of a variety of men and can’t make up her mind whom she cares for most.

If you can’t tell from the picture, it’s a picture of a heart with numerous arrows aimed straight for it. It also has what is, on me, a flattering neckline, and slightly puffed sleeves, a look I favored for a time in my teens (hey, it was stylish then, I swear.)

I probably wouldn’t wear it today, but the sweater still makes me smile. It reminds me of a time in my life that, like the title of the movie, was carefree. Yes, I had my concerns and burdens. It was not an easy time in my life. But when it comes to adult responsibilities, I had few.

Life was ahead of me. Choices were exciting, opportunities were boundless. There are still choices and opportunities for me, but my life no longer stretches in front of me. My health limits me at times.

Still, I look for that desire in my life to create something new and exciting, modified for the times yet not compromised. Perhaps it’s time to watch Carefree again.


10 Replies to “Carefree and Campy”

  1. I had to chuckle at this because I, too, was a fan of the puff-sleeved look. Recently, too! I was trying on some clothes when I knew I would be returning to work this summer so tried on a cute little GAP top I had bought at a thrift store that had puff sleeves. I liked if for two years, but when I tried it on this year, I thought WTH?! Yes, it now hangs in a different thrift store waiting for that special shopper….
    Offbeat? Different? Oh, yes, please. Never call me mundane!


    1. I’m knitting a sweater now that has a puff sleeve, but I think I’m going to adjust it. “Cute” isn’t a good look after a certain age…until you’re much older. And yes, offbeat is a good place to be!

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  2. Oh what a lovely compliment: offbeat means unique, philosophical, adventurous, defiant, outspoken, creative – I wish more would value this and not follow the fashion. I am so inspired, I will NOT wear socks today!

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  3. I sure understand that feeling about how life no longer stretches far ahead. But I’ve chosen to look at that as my push to really make the most of the time I have left!
    Glad that sweater made you smile. Maybe you will wear one like it again someday!

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  4. You and me both, Belinda, ‘different’ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Throughout my life i was the ‘outsider’ – I made people laugh with my quirkiness and in turn they found me funny (unintended!).
    O, I love the old films too… *sigh*

    Love + Hugs my friend.

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